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About The Hentges...

•Robin has always enjoyed serving people. With a background of decorating, furniture & appliances, blended with 22+ years of helping clients buy and sell their homes and several renovation projects of her own, she has insight when assisting you to prepare your home to "sell for the most $$$, in the least amount of time"​. She has valuable vision, to see the potential and possibilities in most any home with a solid foundation. Her cheerful disposition and attention to detail will make this possibly-stressful life event, much easier to handle!

•Jim has been in construction since 1977. Building homes in the early years, taught him the basics from foundation to shingles and a bit of everything in-between. He has specific knowledge taught by experience of renovating homes and flips. Jim has a relaxed, common-sense approach and 24+ years of experience in real estate, that allows their clients to feel comfortable in asking questions and knowing they can trust him to know, or find the necessary answer.

Jim & Robin's goal is to treat you as they would “one of their own family"​ (REALLY...that's a GOOD thing!)

PS. We are never to busy for you or your referals!

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